Minute Magazine is an international, nonprofit literary and art publication conceived in late 2016. Our mission is to spread appreciation for the daily hustles and bustles in life, the things the eye often glosses over. The world is in constant motion, and it is increasingly harder to sit back for a minute and appreciate what we have around us. Thus, tell us about the little things. Tell us about the trail a plastic bag makes when it is tossed into the wind. Tell us about the sound of rain as it hits the roof. Tell us about the journey of an ant as it crawls across the sidewalk. Tell us about the hidden, the beautiful, the minute.

We publish on a quarterly basis in January, April, July, and October. Contributors are not paid, and all issues are released online with no charge. We accept work from anyone from anywhere in the world, but we especially encourage younger writers and artists (ages 16-25) to submit!

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