Adesina Ayobami Idris

Night – Girl

your body is a sermon,
men run into your thigh
& become saved, at dusk

on the cliff of your tongue
are notes worshipping their thrust

— they say you’re a god of lyrics

they speak of you & lick their lips

—how you knock the hole
in-between your leg against
the gate of their thigh

—how you write their name in
the book of your body

do you preach to boys too?
the ones that ties their fathers’
sin in their eyes

they lick their lips & speak of you

—how you answer the offerings
of sons who’s head are in the cloud,

& purge their sins

—how you spin your waist
past ocean of people
& the silence that dries their lips

do you know what they speak
of you, when your time has
ran past the earths’

— they say you’re a fire in rain,
a shame, a stink, a soil

Adesina Ayobami Idris is a Nigerian poet. His poems have been published in literary journals and magazine. He lives and writes from Ilorin.

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