Amanda Kay

After Breakfast

the breakfast of yesterday morning
lies untouched on the kitchen table

soggy cereal in day-old milk; a
rotten kind of extinction

ghosts of our fight linger in the room;
see the clouds of steam in the room

condensation clinging to the window in water
droplets; falling, falling falling

look: see how the sun touches the horizon
awash with the words we never said

nullifying your presence, treacherous
being of flesh and want

today I leave, coffee in hand
I do not eat breakfast anymore

morning coffee

o’ elixir of healing, how I treasure
the first sip of morning brew; morning
lethargy seeps in from our window cracked
open. I revel in the taste, caffeine resurrection;
clouded eyes become clear once more.

paper cups lie crumpled up in the wastebasket by
the pot, touched by others’ hands, each one new revival.
the warmth trickles into my hands and
I awaken.

Amanda Kay is a sophomore at Santa Clara High School in the USA. She has been nationally recognized by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. You can find her writing a poem or a story when she’s not in the swimming pool.

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