Avalon Felice Lee

Paper Rings

I remember when we creased paper rings
to exchange under the schoolyard monkey bars,
our alfresco dais
Instead of rosebud petals, an autumn breeze
sent conifer petticoats our way
September spruces in decay,
our flower girls
Time for a quick peck, but
shyness got the best of us, so
Instead, I stared at that mole on your chin
wondering why I’d never noticed it before
filing it in the cabinet of my memory
until the recess bell sang
our wedding chimes

Two decades past
I spot you across the way when
The office lighting annotates your mole like
on our wedding day
That paper ring, a nugget of coal,
singes my pocket
I wonder,
Do you still have

Avalon Felice Lee is an Asian-American Californian. She has been writing poetry and prose since the age of eleven. When not writing, she’s probably practicing cello, assaulting the ears of nearby victims.

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