Bill Diamond

Piazza del Campo, Siena

What is it about kids and pigeons?
In any park, anywhere in the world, there is not a pigeon
that some child doesn’t feel compelled to chase.

Their fervor and persistence are undiminished
by the reality that they never catch them.
Like my dog when he pesters squirrels.

Perhaps, it’s a hard-wired evolutionary need.
Or, the pure joy of the disruption.
Maybe the thrill of seeing the magic of flight.

It imparts a sense of power and control,
at a time when they have so little.
They become giant ogres in a pint-sized kingdom.

Sometimes rambunctious puppies join the game.
And the young at heart, as an otherwise
serious adult enlists in the reverie.

For their part, what do the pigeons think?
Another nuisance in their daily existence.
Or, a welcome diversion from boring chores.

Bill Diamond writes in Evergreen, Colorado where the Rocky Mountains are both an inspiration and a distraction.

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