Charlotte Begg


Soft curls tapped the underbelly
of my mother’s kitchen table as I
held between blue
forefinger and chubby thumb
the stolen yield.
Fevered flies danced
with ghostly dwale
above its Valium bruised
red rot haze. Dripped and gormandized
I quickly realised;

never eat a peach out of season
it tastes like the
corpse of summer.

Charlotte Begg is a poet and artist from the Isle of Wight, UK. Common themes in her poetry are concerned with nature, industrial landscapes, the occult and family relationships. Charlotte’s poetry has been published in various online and in print poetry journals including The Interpreter’s HousePaper Swan PressThe CurlewA Restricted View from under the HedgeThree Drops PressForth MagazineRag Queen PeriodicalRiggwelter PressPorkbelly Press and Blotterature Literature Press.

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