editor’s note / issue three

by Cindy Song, Editor-in-Chief

Spring is always a time for change, for new beginnings. Without a doubt, Minute Magazine has been undergoing some major changes – in its structure, layout, mission, and everything in between. As the team prepares to present Issue Three, it’s apparent that this tiny magazine is not so tiny anymore. We’ve garnered a much larger reader base over the past few months, and adjustments were necessary. Now, as the magazine has reached its one-year anniversary, we are more than ever dedicated to the mission of spreading appreciation for the “minute.”

In Issue Three, you will find blistering summers and numbing winters, hope and despair, love and abandon. Issue Three is an ode to the parallels and contradictions in life, the mirrors in nature. Navigating through this issue, which consists of stunning poetry, stories, and art, will be a roller coaster of the heart. So hang on tight—but also don’t be afraid to let go a little.

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