Ekta Somera


coffee stains circle the page
reflecting the hours i spent reading
which frame my eyes – a spectacle

this tale strung to a thread at the spine
held by the hands of a clock – warped with time
as anything passing by the grapevine –
sieved through countless imaginations
surviving in each heart burdened with it’s weight

the scent of a hundred years
bury my fingertips as i place a bookmark
for safekeeping – centuries
of childhood hours, ink smothered in tears,
curious, patient blank faces – archived

From the streets of South Africa, University Student Ekta Somera, currently studying towards a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology, aspires to inspire the youth through a range of poetry and prose. With writing featured across the web, she bagged the win in many contests and earned a “Best of the Net Poetry Nomination” in 2019. Ekta’s poems have been published in two major poetry anthologies, her work is recognized and she is adored by people worldwide.

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