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Glen Armstrong | Two Poems
Devon Balwit | Two Poems
Lana Bella | Dear Suki: #77
Jan Chronister | Feathers
Linda M. Crate | singing gold
Margaret Eckman | Eye of the beholder
Elizabeth Gibson | December, Manchester
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Shirley Luke | Spin
Joan McNerney | Two Poems
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Sharon Suzuki-Martinez | Ant as Taliman
Brenda Taulbee | Two Poems
Amber Tran | Two Poems
Lucy Tyrrell | Three Poems & Photos
Carter Vance | From Primrose Hill
Isaac Wheeler | The Obituarist’s Commute
Michael E. Woods | Three Poems from Now/Here


Edd Jennings | The Fly River District
Daniel Keating | Disappointing
Donal Mahoney | Doing Laundrey on a Farm in the Fifties
Grace Qing | Scarlet
David Whitaker | A World Above


Nena Black | Three Photos
Melanie Faith | Noisemaker Series
K. Ryan Gregory | The Color in Pain Series
Fabio Sassi | Two Pieces
Carl Scharwath | Two Photos
Dimas Warsito | Two Photos