Jeremy T. Karn

Yeshua or Barrabas

i had ideas,

to love the ways / Yeshua never loved 
                                & make love grows into art form…

inside my mouth / i have taken pain like pills;
                                it fingers my chest with aches,

that’s how easily the heart melts into / blood clots,
                                when you choose someone over another person

i loathe how / memories dig holes in me
& fill them with thorns

this made my skin waxed / like a body on fire,
                                it shows / my skin has once lived in your dermis

there was a heaviness sitting
                                                                                         inside my body,

waiting to stink the coolness of the air,
my legs wanting / to touch the floor from
                                a body held by ceiling fan

but that’s how my grief climbed / above an ocean tide,
                                that’s how i laid under the rubbles / of a heartbreak

& that’s how you cried,
                                away with this man, bring unto me Barabbas

Jeremy T. Karn writes from somewhere in Liberia. He was born between 1995 and 1997 but not in 1996. He writes from his room he barely leaves. His poems have been published by African Writer, The Rising Phoenix Review, River Bird Review, The Whale Road, Kalahari Review, Praxis Online Magazine and other places.

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