K. Ryan Gregory


From the artist: The Color in Pain series developed in 2012 after the death of the artist’s sister. It was and is a continuing expression of pain and anger in learning how to deal with her suicide. The series has grown to more than 50 separate unique pieces, each one starts with an original digital photo which is than enhanced through various programs. The barb wire represents pain and sharp moments while the added lighting, flowers, and growth propose the moments of peace or acceptance.

K. Ryan Gregory is a Portland, Oregon based photographer and digital artist. He was raised in Kodiak, Alaska and after moving to Portland about 8 years ago his interest in photography took hold. His work consisted mostly of travel and landscape shots in the beginning and then moved to digital work and composing after seeing an inspirational exhibit at Newspace Center for Photography in Portland. His work has been published numerous times and has been shown in Portland, Seattle, and New York.


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