Kristina Krumova

Unfinished Conversation

At night he talks to the Moon
her face rolls inside each un-
popped balloon of time
smiling, then
smiling, but upside down
then again and
soaring above him
while his restless soul counts her white teeth

he cut off his forefingers out of fear
so he could not reach for her smile in a dream

when he used up to the bone and the rest of his fingers
he had nothing left to do except
to rip off her smile
and stick it on his face and fall asleep

In daytime, she arrives pale out of loneliness
and she put her cold lips upon her own
and huddles at his feet

the last balloon is still

Kristina Krumova is 29 years old and lives in Sofia, Bulgaria. She has a Master’s Degree in Contemporary History from Sofia University, and she was an editor at New Social Poetry Magazine. Her work was published in Ghost City Review, North of Oxford, Red River Review, Ann Arbor Review, The Pangolin Review, Dream Noir, The Conclusion Magazine, Unlikely Stories, Oddball Magazine, The Mad Swirl, Visitant Lit, and The Rusty Truck. Kristina Krumova works as a freelance editor and she’s preparing her first poetry manuscript.

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