Lana Valdez

honey house

I am manic,
a kind of ticked off daydreaming ailment
the gentleman wrote me
off with a paper sigh
and a flick of his arm-
mania dangling from his every word,
filling me
with sweet sighs and
puncture wounds.
My only escape
is my dream house,
home of all things heinous
and beastly,
where I reside
in the tiny moments.
When I take a seat in my pseudo chair,
all kinds of contemplations
cross my mind:
tales of ice and ink,
or the darkness of compassion,
or the circusfolk
dancing in their nightgowns
under the pale guidance
of the moon,
every night like tick tock,
skeletons of themselves,
so terror stricken of their movements
that they rise like devils on Hallow’s Eve ,
slip like silk into the night,
heaving, so speechless.
I remain

Lana Valdez is 16 years old and a junior in high school living in Southern California, though she was raised in small town Florida. She has been published in a Creative Communications poetry contest and her short screenplay was adapted into a short film last year. She has been writing since she was a child, going from writing books in kindergarten to writing poetry in sixth grade. She experiments with poetry, flash fiction, and screenwriting mostly. She’s also a classic Sagittarius and ENFP campaigner. Her twitter link is

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