Matthew Daley

sugar water

when we moved to the moon we never considered
where we’d go on vacation
vetting babysitters
forgetting wi-fi passwords
not being able to storm off after an argument
constellation proximity
paying fines on overdue library books
a petless existence
the eventual overcrowding and where do we go next
obstructed views with unobstructed ideas
expedited cancellations
the side-effects of every color matching grey
rubbing oils from fake plastic tree leaves between our pointers and thumbs
suffering generational fatigue
return policies
losing our car keys and our car
what new tastes like

Matthew Daley has written commercials, documentaries, graphic novels, and the recent collection The Poet’s Guide to Basketball. He has taught every level from 5th grade through Graduate School, always finding ways to sneak great poetry into his curriculum. He’s a father of three, husband of one, and a terrible singer/dancer who tries to turn many of his moments into a musical. His poetry can be found in 34th Parallel Magazine, Neologism, Detritus, The Cabinet of Heed, and The Green Light.

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