Nena Black



Nena Black is an American photographer whose eclectic ​work explore​s​ themes of nature, sensuality, ambiguity, and perception. Raised in New York City, Black’s ​artistic sensibilities were well ​nourished, especially as a teenager ​in the 1980s ​being heavily influenced by the art icons of that time. Her primary influence, her stepfather, was a self-taught photographer who instilled in her the importance of ​curiosity, introspection, and authenticity. As his protege, she learned to ‘see’ the world around her through keen observation by the naked eye, before even picking up a camera. ​The unfortunate loss of her stepfather in her 20s caused her to withdraw from photography for nearly two decades, until existential unrest took her to the Pacific Northwest​. There​, the lush​ ​natural beauty and vast landscape reawakened her passion for the art form. ​Now, reborn in coastal Southern California, ​Nena Black’s current ​work eloquently reflects the complexity​ and soulfulness​ of her journey as an artist​, through vi​vi​d images ​that ​
evoke ​a sense of mystique, intimacy, and nostalgia.


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