Robert Okaji

Self-Portrait as Border

Some rivers shift course, but
I stand firm, a nexus of rejection,
that line denoting separation of north
and good, evil and south, dark and
white. Welcoming no one, I stand
guard, opposing all with my flag
of diminishment. Squint, and you
still can’t see me. Your bare feet
won’t stir my dust. I am nowhere,
but remain here — that feeling of
prideful despair, strong, resolute,
inflexible foe to all who dare cross.

The author of five chapbook collections, three micro-chapbooks and a mini-digital chapbook, Robert Okaji‘s work has also appeared in such publications as MockingHeart Review, Crannóg, Eclectica, Vox Populi, Panoply, The High Window, Oxidant|Engine and elsewhere. Visit his blog at

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