Sharon Suzuki-Martinez


“Moments of great clarity inhabited me.
I was their anthill and they were my ants.”
James Tate

Ant is a tiny word, straightforward like the insects themselves. Although ant looks minuscule and lonely on paper, the central letter “n” is equal to saying “and” as if to remind you of the reservoirs of ants not far underground. Embodying the magic to call forth multitudes, like black water from stone, ant is the writer’s talisman against the horror of the blank page.

Fun Fact: The ant is not easily crushed. It can bear disappointments fifty times the size of its ego.

A young winged queen ant lands on my glasses.
I wonder why
she chose my point of view
to locate an auspicious spot for
her colony, her dynasty, her corporate empire.
No, no, no.
She’s looking for somewhere to start
her story, her collection, her eloquent revolution.
This is what I choose to believe.

Sharon Suzuki-Martinez is the author of The Way of All Flux (2012), winner of the New Rivers Press MVP Poetry Prize. Her recent work appears inGargoyle, Duende, Dusie, Quarterday Review, Clockhouse, and Algebra of Owls. She is the Editor of The Poet’s Playlist, a music and poetry blog. (


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