Tahera Mannan

The concrete jungle shines and gleams
All around shiny glass beams
And amid this dusty shimmering sea
Stands a lone orange tree

The fragrant flowers silently blooms
Seeking the warmth from the sun that looms
The birds have left and stopped their calls
It is quiet, not a sound falls

The weary traveller sits beneath
Seeking the cool underneath
Touching the smooth, fragile bark
Dreaming of some sparrow or maybe a lark

Perhaps he dreams of a wasted love
Escaped like a frightened dove
Or some happy memory
That from him has become free

This gentle haven amid the fire
A place to commune and retire
And all around lovers came this vision to see
And feel the enchantment under the orange tree

Tahera Mannan is a poet from India. She is an Assistant Professor of English. She has published her own book of poetry called, ‘Heartstrings’. She has also published poems in many anthologies around the world.

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