Taofeek Ayeyemi

life as the bittersweet of coffee

i have understood fate in the irony of
detergent’s wafting scent. to come
through the heat, you unmake your heart
a desert of grief into an orchard –where

chirping of crickets lull you at dusk &
flowerpeckers’ wake you at dawn.
last night i stared at life & saw
a roadside chrysanthemum,

stuffed it in my mouth & my tongue
became a war-torn city,
my throat an aperture consuming a
continent with its roadblocks.

& when a stomach is protruded
with emptiness, it becomes a temple
no one dares enters barefooted
save a calvary of feasts, fit for the royalty.

but how do we enjoy crystals of the
day & escape darkness of the night?
but there are stars, moon, there are
meteors waiting to hatch our wishes.

Taofeek Ayeyemi, fondly called Aswagaawy, is a Nigerian lawyer and writer with works appearing or forthcoming in Lucent Dreaming, Ethel-zine, the QuillS, Minute Magazine, The Pangolin Review, Modern Haiku, Akitsu Quarterly, contemporary haibun online and elsewhere. He has won the Honorable Mention Prize in 2020 Stephen A. DiBiase Poetry Contest, 2019 Morioka International Haiku Contest and 2nd Prize in 2016 Christopher Okigbo Poetry Prize.

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