Theresa C. Gaynord

Simmering Cold

Pad Kee Mao — Drunken Noodles, are a clever
way to your tongue. They do exactly what they
are intended to do, manipulate, kidnap your
senses, to a point where you don’t give a damn
about atoning for your sins,
because the fresh wild rice noodles, garlic, basil,
green beans, bell peppers, snow peas, tomatoes
and pineapples are enough to want to make you shake
hands with the Devil himself. There are moments
that are just as abundant with the flavor of time,
and that have you proceeding, without any choice
in the matter, almost like some sort of conspiracy
to happiness even if in the beginning you find yourself
indifferent to it. My heart can be held on consignment,
but I think about the possible outcomes,
and I understand perfectly that the payment can be
cold to touch, if all of the right ingredients aren’t
left to simmer and operate at their own accord. When
it’s right; it’s like a child warmly eating ice cream
in the middle of a snowstorm.

Theresa C. Gaynord likes to write about matters of self-inflection and personal experiences. She likes to write about matters of an out-of-body, out-of-mind state, as well as subjects of an idyllic, pagan nature and the occult. Theresa writes horror, as well as concrete gritty and realistic dramas. Theresa is said to be a witch and a poet, (within the horror writing community) and she has been published in a number of magazines, ezines, anthologies and books throughout the years. She is a former elementary school, a psychic medium – reader and advisor.   

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