Tyler Sheldon


The best cure for a long day
is eating dessert first.
To do this properly you must
unlearn everything youth taught
you. Rules are there mainly
to break once you know them.

To thicken any sauce,
asking politely sometimes works.
You have to be careful—
ask rudely, and it will run
through your fingers forever.
Apologies rarely fix this problem.

Garlic is an onomatopoeia,
that hard r settling its bite
into the tongue, noses on edge
as it slides into the skillet
and throws little sparks that say
hello, I’m here, make room.

Tyler Sheldon earned his MA in English at Emporia State University. He’s a Pushcart Prize-nominated poet and MFA candidate at McNeese State University, and his work has appeared in publications throughout the US and Canada, such as in Quiddity International Literary Journal, The Dos Passos Review, The Prairie Journal, and others. His chapbooks include First Breaths of Arrival (Oil Hill Press, 2016), and Traumas, forthcoming from Yellow Flag Press.


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