Uzomah Ugwu

Lit parties by the ocean

Everyone at the party
with a once blossoming girl that is misdressed
With petals that colored the earth now are left to die
Deep within her eyes lies a patience gone that once
Kept the sadness at the bays of stale laughter heard for miles of her peers

With shores drowning the sand with rain flowing into confined tides
That brought clouds laying on top
of so many armies after her hearts ambition
That got in the way of others joy especially
hers a target did she forget to not remember this
Type of pain running through and after her

She was just their toy they wound up
to make their misery fade while hers stayed on the cusps
Of a sealed door with a frozen knob
unable to be turned did they realize
The light of the moon had died on their failed nights
And failed to rise and make a mood
so soothing which was also comprised in the broken sunlight
By unjust emotional ties to the girl who
held the earth inside within an endless party of

Greed and pride and a lust for making
an end of lives not encouraging one to go on
That left her victimized and accustomed
to a picture frame’s edges being burnt that brought
Broken lies to images already torn

left to be open the beginning
Of ties that made touches to flattened
truths that come as no surprise as her dreams
Fluttered She was the last one to leave a party of death
That her lonely deranged life had met
A kept soul unable to find a way to leave
An open secret floating on ghosts that
Wanted to see her life end the most

Uzomah has a way of capturing a scene and the feelings that allow you to follow and flow within the realms of her poetics as you read each line filled with metaphors. Her placement of ideas and images leaves you dangling all the way throughout the poem, line by line with trauma, pain joy or a mixture of both that reveals some type of solitude. She surprises you in end with something she does not even may mean to say at all, that we all might be feeling, and had not felt until reading one of her poems.

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